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According to the concept “All from one source by german-cryo®” you will be able to efficiently realize your projects technically well-balanced and in the planned time schedule.

Since 2004 german-cryo® operates on the market and has specialised in the field of planning, deliveries and installation of cryo units. The focus is on a detailed consulting in order to deliver cryo units and equipment that meet your requirements. The basis of our consulting is an exact analysis of your requirements and the technical possibilities in order to deliver products, which equal a perfect balance between both needs and economics.

Due to our customer contacts and the practical experiences, we have found out that the need for collective solutions is very common, since obviously there are always many problems when constructing a nitrogen storage. For example, planning stages were badly coordinated or the technical arrangements were not sufficient, so that delays and exceeding of the construction costs were the result.

With these bundled experiences the idea was born to elaborate a concept for our customers in order to rule out the well-known problems. german-cryo® is capable of establish your complete cryo construction, from planning to technical realisation. According to your requirements the concept is elaborated and executed. german-cryo® is your service provider for planning, construction monitoring, delivery and assembly of nitrogen containers with all necessary technical installations.

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Our project process

  1. Basic evaluation
    According to the technical and spatial circumstances an utilisation profile is generated regarding points such as technology, safety and applicability. Assigned rooms are checked under the aspects of statics fire protection requirements. Another point with checking the rooms is to analyse whether the areas and storage capacities are sufficient and if all technical components can be located in them.
  2. Risk assessment
    Previous to the planning risk assessment needs to be elaborated. All hazards running a cryo storage need to be considered. The most important part is the operator protection.
  3. Planning
    First, the previous planning occurs so that the ventilation technicians and electricians can work. Their results are then integrated into planning and all technical specifications are included. Part of the previous planning is a room concept, where the exact usage of all rooms and all technical parameters are determined. After submission of all departmental planning and including into the general plan, the documents are brought together for the building application. Collaterally the execution planning occurs for all crafts and project participants. All departmental planning are then again summarised to a general plan in order to avoid disagreements. Part of the planning is also to determine a place for the supply tank.
  4. Site management
    The whole project is supervised by a site manager, who operates above all crafts. Thanks to the site manager all crafts are permanently coordinated and the corresponding specialist managers are involved. The close cooperation of all executing companies with the site manager and german-cryo® makes it possible to realise projects without interruptions and reworks.
  5. Approval/Implementation
    Basis for the approval of the construction is the issue of a comprehensive documentation. In this documentation you can find all plans and proof of all used materials and technical equipment. Especially there are verifications of eligibility and application. The cryo construction is tested under all kinds of simulated averages. The results are documented. The implementation occurs during a meeting with the customer and users and the site manager.

Become our business partner and enjoy our unbeatable customer service. Large and well-known institutions such as Charité Berlin, DKMS, IBBL, Vita34 or La Roche trust in our quality and experience. Over the years we have established a wide field of know-how on both the national and international market of which you can only benefit.

We would be glad to make an offer according to you specific requirements. We even love to fulfil rather uncommon wishes.

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